Derryclure, Ireland

Groundbreaking – Construction is just underway at the newest GEN2 Waste to Energy site in Ireland.

Situated on a site at Derryclure, near Tullamore, Co Offaly, the facility can accept 75,000 tonnes of waste. Waste at the facility will be converted to energy using non-burn, pyrolysis technology which produces a medium BTU Syngas. The syngas will subsequently be used in reciprocating engine generator sets to produce 9.9 MW of electricity for export to the grid.

Electricity for export will be sent to the grid under a long-term contract with Naturgy Limited. TSK Electronica Y Electricidad, S.A., a major international EPC with annual revenues in excess of €1 billion will serve as the EPC contractor. The project supply partnership with Bord na Móna is in line with its Brown to Green Strategy as the company looks to divert waste from landfills, reducing the amount of methane that escapes from landfill into the atmosphere. Initial export of electrical energy to the grid is expected to occur by late 2020.

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This project will be especially important to Ireland since it is an island.  It is running out of landfill space.  Since Ireland has banned the ________ using 

What We Do

Gen2 is a technology and engineering firm that focuses on solving the global trash and pollution issues while at the same time creating clean energy without the use of fossil fuels.

  • <p>Help eliminate waste: plastics, tires, and solid municipal waste.</p>
  • <p>From. the above, waste products we create energy products: Commercial Grade Diesel, Marine Sulfur Diesel, Hydrogen...</p>
  • <p>Our processes are better for the environment than other current technologies.  We have minimal emissions and create the cleaner burning fuels.</p>
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